Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beginnings 2015

There are many traditional times for beginnings. Mine has come at the New Year, 2015, coincident with moving into my new office.

It came about because my old office was on the second floor with no elevator. When I began to offer groups, A Change of Mind: Neuroplastic Tools for Healing (formerly Tools for Healing), I was able to use ground-level disability-accessible rooms, but only through 2014.

Skipping over the trials of finding a new office, I can report that my new office is a wonderful place. It is large enough for groups. I was able to choose new paint and new carpet, it has a lovely large window which looks out on trees, and I am enjoying the pleasure of full artistic control.

The New Year is also a time for pledges to oneself. I will go one step further and pledge to you that I will blog faithfully and regularly. In fact, my interface with the world is about to receive an electronic boost. My website, which I have loved, needs to be updated. I am certain that I will love the new website, along with the attendant changes to social media. I might even learn to Twitter, but that is not yet a promise.

Like many of you, my life has ups and downs, and gets complicated. I was particularly involved in the last two years with family support. I lost my wonderful mother Adele in June 2014 after she had progressive health problems, though she never lost her wit and wisdom. I no longer have any children in K-12 school, my daughter graduated high school and my son, mid-college, is teaching English to elementary after-school students in Korea.

Now I am focused on you, and on my work with you. I am passionate about developing the groups, which have helped so many people already, and about my continued work with individuals.

In this blog I have had the opportunity to publicly notice the heroes who are all around me. You continue to inspire me, and I will continue to write. Thank you!

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